What Pants to Wear to Yoga

Yoga leggingsMany of you might be wondering what pants to wear to yoga class. Just like when selecting yoga tops, the type of yoga pants you purchase is very important as they need to offer you comfort and ease of movement while looking stylish. Here are some examples of yoga pants you can consider:

Leggings: These come in a variety of fabrics,  colors and styles. You will find some really fun patterns to choose from that will give you a stylish look while still maintaining flexibility and comfort.

Women yoga capris pantsCapris:  Look fabulous and move with ease with your yoga capris which come in a variety of  styles, patterns and colors that will fit any personality and preference.  These are usually my first choice as I like enough coverage  – not too long and not too short. They are ideal for doing a few poses while lounging around your house, while doing your practice at your yoga studio or even doing yoga outdoors.

Woman in yoga shorts.Shorts: Want to show off your legs? These are great when practicing hot yoga as you might find that no other garment is better in a very hot room. These come in several styles such as high-waist, side string and full coverage. They come in different patterns and colors as well.

Yoga Bootleg PantsRelaxed Fits: At times you might feel that you need some more room to breath when doing those Bakasana poses or any other yoga routine that calls for that, so the relaxed fit style of pants can give you that air and comfort you need. You can choose from Gypsy, Bell Pants, Sweatpants and many more in different colors and patterns.

I know how much fun it can be when looking at the various choices of pants for your yoga practice. When it comes to where to find them, I often find good and affordable choices at small shops such as TJ Max. I also look at at the ones sold at the yoga studios I go to and some of them can be affordable, particularly when they are on sale.

Some brands to check out are Pact, Athleta, Prana, Alo, Manduka, and Betabrand.

I hope the information above helps you in your journey to finding the right yoga pants for you.

11 Replies to “What Pants to Wear to Yoga”

  1. Nice article, i like it, maybe you ll recommend us where to buy the best of yoga pants also… i’d love to have them all… i like to be confortable :*

  2. Hi,

    Great website! I’m planning to add yoga into my daily routine next year – which is right around the corner.

    If i’m looking into hot yoga classes, what type of pants do you recommend? I’m a bit too old to wear the shorts version in public.

  3. Oh…I just thought of one other question about I should be looking for in yoga pants. Is there any way you can provide information on which fabrics or brands are going to hold up the best? It would be scary to have the pants spit at the seems in the middle of a pose?

    Or am I just worrying for nothing?

    1. Oh, I’ve never had that experience. I certainly will provide information regarding fabrics, but from what I know they are mostly all made from very resistant fabrics. It’s a good question though, thanks!

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