Loving Aerial Yoga!!!

Practicing Antrigravity Yoga

After a year and a half later, I still look forward to my next Aerial yoga class. Since I learned it back in 2017 in Medellin, Colombia I have really felt in love with it. It uplifts my spirit, helps me to relax and also challenges me to trust the silk hammock.

Lately, I have been working on my core and so I started taken Core Aerial yoga classes which are fantastic. The hammock really supports all the work I do and I leave the class feeling strong from an amazing workout.

One method of Aerial yoga I discovered lately is called Unnata Aerial Yoga. What caught my eye about it was the fact that it can guide you deeply into yoga practice – beyond just poses, flips and tricks. While these are thrilling and fun, they can often get in the way of real practice, being able to stay centered and get the real benefits of the practice.

Until I can attend an Unnata Aerial yoga class, I will continue to deepen my practice in the silk being mindful of staying centered and not searching for the neat tricks I can do, etc., but to really use the gravity, the apparatus and my passion while practicing in the air.