Top Rated Yoga Mats

If you are looking for the best yoga mat to own, here are some of the top rated yoga mats that are considered high-end, durable, environmentally-friendly and provide excellent grip and comfort.

Liforme Yoga Mat

I am thrilled to write about the Liforme yoga mat because of how well-received it has been. It’s an expensive yoga mat, but worth the high price tag.

This yoga mat is not only eco-friendly, and non-slip, but it also comes with an original unique alignment marker system making it really useful for right alignment. No more guessing where you should place your hands, feet, elbows, etc., on a posture – you can see if you need to adjust them and your teacher can see that too. These alignment markers are etched on the mat instead of being printed with harmful inks and a heat-bonding process was used instead of toxic glues.

On top of these, it has an outstanding grip, even during a 90-minute hot yoga class. So it keeps you in place even when the mat is wet from sweat. It has a strong natural rubber base, an added cushioned felt portion in between that, plus the top layer of the mat providing a deep cushioned and yet very solid and stable surface to protect for instance your knees, elbows, and hips from digging into the floor.

  • Available in Grey, Pink, Blue, and Green
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • PVC-free
  • 185cm long x 68cm wide and 4mm thick

Amazon Price: $150

Prana evolution Natural Sticky Yoga Mat

The Prana Revolution Natural Sticky mat is a biodegradable natural rubber made yoga mat. It is made in a large size providing a generous amount of space for your asanas. It offers an excellent grip, stability, an anti-stretch construction and it’s non-toxic and durable.

I definitely have noticed that with my standard size yoga mat, I often see my hands or feet landing on the floor – off to the side of the mat. On my next mat purchase I will be looking to get one that is larger. I feel it does make a difference to have more width to the sides when you are transitioning from one pose to the next and you need more space to the sides.

  • Non-toxic
  • Weight: 8.38
  • Dimensions: 78×30
  • Available in Black

Amazon Price: $64

Gaiam Print Premium

The Gaiam Print Premium yoga mat comes in a variety of beautiful designs, it’s lightweight, durable and extra-thick providing added cushioning. It is soft and therefore it has a bit of a slippery coating so it is recommended to use it with a mat towel or you can use a scrub-brush to brush it with some water for about a minute or two (avoid the design part) and repeat once more after letting it dry for a minute.

  • Made with PVC
  • Free of the Phthalates DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP
  • Dimensions: 68-Inch x 24-Inch x 5mm
  • Comes in several designs

Amazon Price: $70

Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat

People love this mat because it’s very supportive for floor work, comfortable, it has a good grip, sticks to the floor, it’s thick and weighs about 4 pounds. One thing to have in mind though, which you find with all mats, is that it can get slippery when your hands get really sweaty – so I highly recommend to use a mat towel or a hand towel. This yoga mat is also great for using at the beach or on hard or bumpy surfaces as you won’t feel the sand lumps or other bumps beneath you.

  • Nontoxic, 100% latex free
  • Standard: 71” X 24”; 4.7mm thick; 4 lbs
  • Long: 79” X 24”; 4.7mm thick; 4.5 lbs
  • Available in many colors including Midnight, Caramel, Purple and Thunder

Amazon Price: $63 – $111

Jade Harmony Professional Mat

This is also a very well-liked mat because it really grasps the floor allowing you to practice safely, with confidence and ease. But as with all other mats that I know of, it gets slippery when wet  – so it is best to use a mat towel or have a small hand towel next to you. This yoga mat is soft, comfortable, it cleans up beautifully with soap and water and you can even add a bit of tree-tea oil. It will smell of rubber a bit at the beginning but the smell will disappear over time. It’s bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly.

  • Made with open-cell, natural rubber
  • 24″ wide
  • Available in two lengths- 68” and 74”- and weighs about 5 pounds
  • Several colors available including Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Tibetan Orange

Jade Yoga Price: $75 – $80

Kharma Khare Hybrid Bliss

Another environmentally-friendly yoga mat made of natural rubber latex and recycled car tires, providing comfort and grip. You can use the natural rubber latex side for less rigorous practice, and if your practice becomes more intense or when you need better grip just flip your mat over. Because it is a very thick mat, you can sit on your knees on this mat without having to use a towel to support them. This mat absorbs moisture and provides a large surface area on the recycled side that allows it to evaporate quickly – perfect for Hot Yoga.  It provides a great non-slip surface but if you sweat a lot, it is best to use a mat towel on top of the mat or have a hand towel next to you. As with other mats made of rubber, it does have a slight scent to it which fades with use.

  • Dimensions: 72″ L x 24″ W
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Available colors: Blue / Black, Green / Black, Purple / Black

Amazon Price: $70

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share those below with me.  Happy practicing!

8 Replies to “Top Rated Yoga Mats”

  1. Great overview of good yoga mats. For me it is very important that the mat I use in non toxic.

    It does not really make sense to do a lot of yoga to try to balance ourselves physically and mentally and the at the same time breath in chemicals from the mat:-) So great to see so many mats are now produced with this in mind.


    1. Thank you Mikael for you comment. I too appreciate practicing on non-toxic mats – it’s not good nor pleasant when you have your face down on a mat and you are breathing chemicals, so yes, I am glad they are making them now with natural materials.

      Thanks for stopping by and feel free to visit again!

  2. I love yoga and so I was really excited to see this article. I am in the market for a new yoga mat so this post is definitely for me. My favorite is the Prana Revolution yoga mat I am definitely going to check it out. I love the rest of your site as well, I am now off to check out more posts.

    1. Excellent Fran, I am so happy to know you love yoga and that you found the post helpful. Do check out the mats and let me know if you have questions.

  3. Great list of selection you have there. My yoga mat is nearing the end of her lifespan and I’ve been searching around for a good substitute.

    Recently saw a startup product called Grippz Mats (Indiegogo) and it really got me interested in all the acupressure technology stuff. It’s currently selling for $89.

    Although, I do like the Liforme feature since my alignment is always off. So I am still pondering.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I will definitely look into the Grippz Mats, I hadn’t seen these ones. Sorry for replying so late, I was on a meditation and yoga retreat and had limited internet access. I am glad you like the Lifeform mat, let me know what you decide.

  4. I practice yoga every day and my mat is looking a bit tired now so it was great to read this post and your recommendations!

    I particularly love the Liforme yoga mat – what a good idea to have the positions marked on for there your hands and feet should be! Even though I’ve been practising yoga for a number of years I’m still constantly checking to see if I am properly aligned – so this would be so helpful!

    It’s pretty pricey though so I may have to save up for it!

    Thanks for some great reviews 🙂

    1. Hi Louis,

      Sorry for the delay responding – I was out of town on a meditation and yoga retreat. I am glad you found the page useful and I hope you can save up for the Lifeform, it’s a great investment, I love mine!

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