Yoga and Me

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My name is Lidia and I’ve always been very curious about yoga and meditation. It started when I was pretty young and I began meditating alongside my parents and my older sister – I loved how quiet and peaceful my mind would get. As I got older, my curiosity and interest in spiritual things grew stronger so I kept practicing meditation and began studying about Buddhism and other mystical and spiritual traditions.  I have always enjoyed activities that allow me to feel peaceful and quiet. Meditation, yoga, hiking and reading have been things I find encourage that feeling.

My interest in yoga practice began with a simple Hatha Yoga routine that I did in the mornings beginning always with a set of Sun Salutations. By then I was in the US and I tried to practice daily in the beginning but eventually, I would slack off and began to skip mornings here and there. Later on, I found a video of Iyengar Yoga that had a morning and an evening routine. I found those really inspiring and a great way to begin my mornings before work and a calming way to end my evenings.

As my own spiritual life grew stronger, my yoga practice too took a significant part in my life. I can’t say I am a yogini or an expert in Hatha Yoga but my body, mind, and soul have always craved for the practice. I found that meditation and yoga go hand in hand and that yoga is not just about doing the poses or relaxing the body – it’s a way of life that affects my whole being.

In my late twenty’s , I began to practice Bikram Yoga and really enjoyed it. The heat was a gift – I really love being warm, so the heat never bothered me. The poses were a delightful challenge that I enjoyed every time I went to class.

Hot yoga at 108Yoga
Hot Yoga at 108Yoga

I then discovered Vinyasa and Hot Yoga which I practiced in Medellin, Colombia and now in the US. As with many other styles of yoga done in a hot room, the Hot Yoga practice I began doing in Medellin is a flowing Vinyasa style of practice where the teacher instructs in a series of linked asanas. This practice allows the body to get very warm and induces the body to sweat a lot, helping the body to flush out toxins while allowing for strength and flexibility to increase.

Alongside with practicing yoga on a mat, I have also discovered Aerial Yoga. With the use of a “silk hammock” – which is suspended from the ceiling, I have learned to practice yoga from another perspective. With the support of gravity, I can exercise my core, build confidence and gain strength relaxation and realignment of my body.

Everyone has a different impulse in their life filled with many interests and passions. For those that have a passion, an interest or just a curiosity in yoga practice I hope that what I share on this website further inspires you on your journey in the magical and life-transforming world of yoga.