Top Rated Yoga Pants

The following are some of the top rated yoga pants for women made with high-quality fabrics and in a variety of styles and colors to allow you to feel comfortable and chic at the same time:

capris reviews and where to buy them

Lucy Women’s Studio Hatha Capri Leggings
These capris are breathable, give you great ease of movement while doing your yoga and overall are very comfortable. They very are stylish and durable, able to withstand the most intense stretching.

Amazon Price: $36 – $100

Onzie Women’s Capri Pants
The Onzie capri pants are the most affordable and most used for Hot Yoga classes. They are lightweight and breathable much like a swimsuit and will dry quickly. The material is slippery so they are less binding to you even when you are sweating a lot. They are available in solid black and several patterns.

Amazon Price: $18 – $56

Leggings reviews and where to buy them

Alo Yoga Women’s Goddess Ribbed Legging
These pants have a unique appeal in that they have a legwarmer look to them. The upper fabric offers compression and the bottom fabric is stretchy allowing you to move with ease. These are great for keeping you warm at the beginning of your class and are very comfortable. These pants are on the expensive side but they are also stylish.

Amazon Price: $60 – $90

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Long Legging
These leggings are ideal for lounging at home, running errands after class or going on a hike. However, they do not seem to be the best for practicing yoga as they are not very breathable. I wouldn’t recommend them for Hot Yoga or if you are doing any other kind of vigorous yoga classes, they may work best for a gentle yoga practice.

Amazon Price: $97

Relaxed Fits reviews and where to get them

prAna Audrey
These relaxed pair of pants are very light, breathable and comfortable. They offer great support and have a stylish look so they can be dressed up or down. They also make a great pair of pants for lounging around the house or running errands after a yoga class.

Amazon Price: $38 – $85


yoga Shorts and where to buy them

Yogareflex – Yoga Shorts for Women

Made out of soft cotton and polyester/Spandex. Provides great breathability and a 4 needle flatlock stitch which is a way to sew clothes without the need to add layers minimizing seam rubs on your skin. The have a sexy design and a great fit.

Amazon Price: $19


Waist Band Contrast Yoga Fold-Over Shorts

These fold-over yoga shorts are made of 92% Cotton and 8%Spandex. They are very flattering, super cute, and comfortable – easy to move around with them during yoga classes and at home. Perfect for hot yoga when doing yoga during summer time. It’s recommended that you order a size down for a perfect fit. They come in different colors.

Amazon Price: $7 – $33

My Favorite

Onzy capri pants for yoga.The Onzie Capri Pants seem to be the best for Hot Yoga and I personally love them because of how cool, breathable and fun they are.

4 Replies to “Top Rated Yoga Pants”

  1. Hi – thanks for all the info about yoga pants. I didn’t realize there were so many factors to consider, but your analogy to a swimsuit makes sense. I also appreciate that you included a relaxed fit option. do you know if all of these are ok to wear on hot yoga settings?

    1. Hi Penelope – you are most welcome, I am glad you found the information helpful. For hot yoga I would recommend the Lucy Capri Leggins, Onzie Capri pants, prAna Audrey relaxed pants and all the shorts. These are the most breathable and therefore perfect for practicing in a very hot room. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Buying a good quality Yoga pants is important. The last time I bought one, I was attracted to the softness of the material but totally forgotten about the stretching capability. Now, the bottom part is starting to tear up.

    I like your recommendation of Lucy’s Women Studio. They have some very nice selection and affordable too. I will look into them. Thanks.

    1. Great, I am glad you found the information for the Lucy Women’s Studio Capris pants helpful – you will love these for hot yoga!

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